Friday, January 18, 2013

World's greatest Video Gamers

During the holidays, the girls were playing lots of Wii and were also introduced to the world of video games. I tell you, they have a cousin and an uncle (who is a real kid at heart) who are truly the world's greatest gamers. Name any game and they will get their hands and feet and fingers right into it. What is so great about these video games or any kind of games for that matter? I would much be experimenting with new recipes, or search for new recipes to satisfy my gastro cravings. One thing good about these gamers is that it is VERY easy to get them Christmas pressies. Hahahahahah....There's only one thing and one thing only that they can ever want in life and that is to be glued to their "joy-sticks". Nothing else matters. Not even the proposition of porn nor to find free audio books online. Nothing. Zilch. Nadda...Nandre..

I give up! **throws hands in the air**

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