Saturday, January 26, 2013


So...this morning, Mini came to me with her workbook at hand and asked if I could help her with some numbers thingy. Naturally, I said "of course not". hahahahah...No la, I helped her. Had to, isn't it? Can't say no despite the strong desire and urge to just finish my coffee in peace because we were out driving practically the whole day yesterday. Could've gone across the Causeway and back! 

Anyway, half way through 'helping' Mini, Ash got distracted and came to volunteer instead. And, what did this mommy do? Made way of course! I allowed her in and slowly (but surely) crept away from them, bringing my coffee along. Hehheeh...what a nice lil gesture from Ash to save us both : me from haviing to sit through 1,2,3 and Mini struggling with her 5s and 9s. 

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