Thursday, December 19, 2013

School is O.U.T


School is out...O.U.T. I can finally relax, unwind and finish up my Christmas wrapping. Plus, I have done and given away most presents that I had set out to give. Granted, I actually wanted to give away more time did not permit me, I didn't get as many presents this year. But, it was quite a bit of shopping, still.

I cannot believe it is almost the end of the year and 2014 is looming. It is the year where our full challenge awaits us. Pretty much all set and raring to go, despite the heart beating and mind racing. Like finding out you're pregnant and then having to deliver your baby. YOu know, it's the excitement yet nervousness all in one. "Will we make it?"..."Will we survive?"..."What on earth will we eat?" many unanswered many surprises.

We will not be going anywhere this Christmas. We have loads of packing and clearing up to do. And, since we will be staying put, I thought it will be a good time to get Ash proper swimming lessons. She knows how to float and thread water (slightly) but not proper swimming. A month long intensive course will be excellent this time, wouldn't it be? I might also throw in some music lessons. Guitar and  the violin? What do you reckon? 

We'll see how we go...

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