Saturday, August 3, 2013

Musical Instrument

Ash will be performing at her school assembly after the week after Raya. She said she will have to play some instruments of some sort. Some triangle thingy. Although I learnt the piano but didn't get very far and I can't read the notes now. Needless to say, I have zero musical talent or gift at all.

As I was saying, Ash has a performance due. The sound system is pretty cool. I often wondered if the school uses bose soundlink at musicians friend? If they did, it's no wonder the sounds come out crisp sounding. OK digressing...

The last time she performed, it was for a choral festival, where she sang. This time, she has to play a musical instrument. A simple one obviously for someone with zero rhythm and blues knowledge. I am naturally looking forward to watch her. But, she said she preferred singing. It's easier for her so she claims. Don't know la. Singing and playing...same to me. I can lip sync but I can't sing to save my life. Actually, neither can she la...hahahha..but she prefers singing to playing the instrument cos "it's hard". She will be like this at the beginning, but once she gets the hang of it, well, we shall hear the other side of her story. By then, it's "I want to learn...this and that". *rolls eyes*

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