Saturday, August 3, 2013

My 2 front teeth...

Ash lost both her lower front teeth back to back the last couple of days. They were wobbly and in dire straits. She even begged me to bring her to the dentist so the dentist could "take it out and put a new one in". Alamak! Haven't heard of a kid begging the parents to take her to dentist..have you?

OK, so the story so far is....we didn't need to visit the dentist after all. Her tooth let loose and decided to detach itself. Both of them. And now, she is richer by RM20 (yeah, what to do? The Ah Pek tooth fairy was very generous) and talks funny hahahaha...OK, no laughing matter. 

But, so sweet. She's really growing up. Next will be zits and Aunt Flo and BOYS. Oh dear. Do I really have to deal with all of this? Can I delegate this part of mommy duty to someone else. It was definitely easier when they were babies. Although no sleep but minus the external issues. I'll take the no sleep any day because if you leave everything aside, it is manageable. Unlike "zits", "Aunt Flo" and "Boys". Oh and potentially - MEAN GIRLS. I mean, it could be, your daughter is or part of the MEAN GIRLS or get bullied by MEAN GIRLS. Either way - it's NOT nice. 

I am getting ahead of myself. I will enjoy her toothless grin for now. Savour every moment before the gap fills up. I should, shouldn't I? You know, just sit back and smell the roses...

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