Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy August

Is it August already? Time truly flies. Got wind that SIL will be making her way down here soon. Should I get her to bring stuff over? I don't want to intrude but at the same time, I need my err...stuffs. Just things that are almost impossible to get here. As it is, we are getting someone to buy and bring home the girls' sandals and slippers...hahaha..I know, just go to some Pasar Malam to get la. We love them and they are pretty sturdy. Especially if you walk alot with it and want a comfy enough shoes.

So, looks like some busy days are up the corner. I wish it wasn't so but unlikely right? We've got a day trip coming up during Raya weekend. Might be packed but we are left with little choices especially now with the girls' extra extra curricular activities. Wish they didn't have much to do...I don't remember me having much during my time. It was always at my grandma and home. Back and forth. I remember playing pretend alot. Talking to myself. It may have contributed to me having split personalities or bipolar? I would be Mary, Jane or Denise...depending on my mood. hehhehehe...OK, la...talking crap again.

Just for the record, this is Mary typing :-P.

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