Monday, August 5, 2013

doing nothing


Yesterday the girls were home..."doing nothing" as suggested by Ash. She was happy doing nothing. But, on the contrar, doing nothing actually means she gets to play her games. O.M.G, I tell you girl needs to get out there and do something!

Anyway, because the girls were unwell a few days prior, we decided to just stay home yesterday save for the evening when hubby took them out to the playground. Speaking of which...yesterday at the playground, she met her playground friend. Said friend told her that she also lost her tooth and the tooth fairy left a skipping rope under her pillow...LOL. I just cracked up laughing when I heard the story. This skipping rope thing started when Ash brought hers to the playground many weeks ago and some of the girls there played with skipping rope for the first time. I suppose, after tasting skipping rope fun, they got their own to play with.

We must really 'do nothing" more often...:-D

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