Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Running into a string of bad luck

The last couple of weeks were absolutely crazy. It began with the stomach flu everyone of us had. Then, hubby experienced a bout of stomach infection that landed him in the hospital. Can life get any more worst? OK la, it's not that tragic. Just one of those days or just those days when every thing chose to come together. When it's good, it's good all the way. When it's bad, it's bad all the way. The cycle of life.

Everything is calm now. SIL is visiting. So we have our hands full. Ash has been missing some of her classes. Although we are happy, she's not. Mini has been asking for behringer mixers at musician's friend. Alright, not true. Mini's been asking us to bring her to soccer lessons/class. We haven't given in. Hubby said next year. We shall see if that promise will hold.

Also, whenever you feel that you are alone facing adversity, you are really not. Thank you God that you have blessed us with wonderful and thoughtful friends who will go out of their way to bring a smile to your face. It's just truly truly amazing when that happens to you. And I honestly cannot ask for more because more is what I have and I feel absolutely blessed. 

We are back to our usual routine. September is just around the corner. Ash is already planning her Christmas party. I.just.can't. right now. No...I will just pretend I didn't hear her. After all, she can only make it happen if I allow it to happen. And honestly, I am just so lazy...yes, lazy. 

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