Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Real Princess

One would imagine that when it comes to a Princess or everything associated with being a princess is well, princessy. A princess is one who is soft, sweet demure, loves long gowns, loves her crown, loves pink (only my daughter perhaps).

Unfortunately...or fortunately, a princess is none of the above. Everyone will automatically assumes that Ash is the Princess of the house. Even she thinks she's the princess of the house. She's right because she...loves all things princess. But, in reality, she's far from being one. She loves everything there is to love ABOUT princesses but she is definitely not one.

Mini, on the other hand, IS the real princess of the house. When she screams, everyone just bows and give in to her every whim and fancies. That includes the grandparents. More so the grandparents because they are a firm believer of "letting the child be" it were. When asked to clean up after play-time, she will simply ignore our instructions and just wander around. And, she tends to get away with it. Why? Because usually, for lack of time, it's quicker to get Ash to pick up the toys. Also, because whenever Mini gets sent to the corner after been given fair warnings, she cries her lungs out. I am used to them crying..because I am the mom. But, not the Father. His heart aches and his legs weaken. He will shoot me the death stare as if I was the demon and Mini will get cajoled instead - with lots of treats and hugs because she was banished to the dungeon by the evil queen. See my predicament here, people?

So, now you know who the real Princess of the house is. And how the Princess almost always gets away with EVERYTHING. 

But, having said all of the above, the Princess don't always get her way...with me. siree. I won't give up on her so easily. Imagine when she's 20 and all her life, she's not taught to do anything by and for herself? Or, having no responsibility whatsoever? She will get a rude awakening when that happens because contrary to what most people believe, you don't acquire life skills just because you age. These skills have to be taught and instilled when young for people to function in society when they become an adult. Sure, perhaps some will learn along the way especially when thrown into the deep end all of a sudden under certain circumstances. However, most will suffer when they are an adult without said skills. 

Like I said, I won't give up on Mini. Sure, she has a cushioned life because she has the benefit of an elder sister who will willingly (most of the time) pick up after her and generally takes care of her. But, that doesn't mean she gets to boss me around. I do get her to pick up her toys, help me with some chores, put her plates/cups away in the kitchen....the sort of things that a 4 year old is more than capable of. She will grumble and moan and refuse to do it. But by golly me, she still has to. Or when I say no more TV time, it really means no more TV time (needs to obey orders). 

I think the important thing here is never give up on your kid. Understandably, they will hate you, they will kick and scream and threatened to leave home. I am sure that will happen to me...I have girls remember? The worst thing you can ever do is to give up on your kid when all they really want is for you to accept, love and cherish them. Keep on reminding yourself that.

No one ever said parenting is easy. It is not and never will be. Plus, one kid is always different from the other. As parents, we just trust our instincts and always put our feet in their shoes. Talk to them and reason with them at their level be it to a 4 year old or 16. Most times, you will be amazed, kids can be reasoned with. Unless, it's 7 in the morning and no one wants to get up to go....then, no one would be in the mood to negotiate :-D.

At the end of the day, as I always say you only have one chance with your kid. Make the best of it. 

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