Monday, March 11, 2013

Hair and more hair

Since time immemorial, Ash has been bugging me about growing her hair. I've been able to maintain her short japanese style locks for the past 6 years. maybe not 6 because she didn't have much when she was born...but, you know, the past couple of years when she went on this self hiao realisation (whatever that means). Each time, I'd said "no" and she'll go "oh man!!". I also explained that if she had long hair, she'd have to tie it up, clip it and zip it. To which she gave me that over-my-dead-body look. So, snip goes her hair! 

Then, lately - more accurately - early this year, she was determined to keep her hair long and agreed to tie her hair up. Since she was willing to do something out of her comfort zone (oh, trust IS out of her comfort zone..she doesn't like anything on her head..really..really), I agreed to let her grow her hair out. 

It is been a couple of months now since the start of school. She'll be 6 soon. And, she's been growing out her hair. And, I've dreading each morning having to wake earlier than usual, tie her hair yadda...yadda...Furthermore, I have to go spend money buying her clips, bands, etc..Haih! So mar fan

So, far, no complaints from her. Except maybe there's still the suitable length we have yet to agree upon. Other than that, she's pretty happy going to school with her hair up. Plus, she has not removed any of her clips, hairbands and what-nots. At least, she's keeping up with her end of the bargain :-). I guess I have to keep mine then! *groan*. *GROAN*. 

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