Thursday, March 7, 2013


Guess what? I introduced some of my all-time favourite cartoons to the girls. Found them on Youtube and they have been watching on Apple TV. Mini is into Spiderman now so she gets her fair share of Spiderman. As for Ash, she prefers Strawberry Shortcake, My Lil Pony, She-Ra...hahaha...

They watch a lot less tv these days. I don't consciously limit them but just that, we don't have much time from after school coming home till dinner and bedtime. I try to stick to the 830pm for the girls. I usually succeed but they will always try their sleep delay tactics. Bedtime works sometimes, and don't sometimes. That leaves very little room for tv. Which is good actually. Then again, not so good because they have discovered the world of video and computer games. Yeah, I know! I still can't get over the addiction bit. Ah well..they can only play on their Wii on weekends. So....It is a good thing too that we don't have an Ipad. Yeh Yeh has one so the girls get their fix whenever we are at their place.

Again...not so easy to curb this addiction of theirs. I am just wondering - what could be next? Booze? Boys? or worse, perdomo?! Ah well, I guess we'll come to it when we..urm...come to it. In the meantime, I am just going to hunt that gamer down!

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