Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mermaids (1998)

I have been watching lots of re-runs lately. The most recent being Speed. Sandra Bullock looked like a teenager in that movie. And, Keanu Reeves? Well, what can say about Mr Reeves. He used to be up on my bedroom wall together with the late River Phoenix. What hunks! Don't die on me now, Keanu!

Do you remember seeing the movie, Mermaids? I do. It is absolutely one of the most hilarious and strange movie of all time. If you must, the movie's about the lives of this-less-than-perfect and less-than-ordinary family. The mom..I mean, the mom is a real ku-ku head. She's the troubled child of the family. Totally irresponsible, and seriously eccentric. On the other hand, the elder daughter is the exact opposite. She's pious, innocent (until she lost her virginity that is), a nun in the making. The youngest sister is..well, played by Christina Ricci and this movie was actually her debut as a film actress. Bet cha didn't know that! Oh, and the younger sister (in the movie) loves the ocean and swimming. Then the whole family goes on this self-discovery phase, break apart and coming back together. Hmm...sounds like nothing much, isn't it? But, no, watch it - the movie's actually fun.  

The movie's not the point really. It was just what happened a while ago that, reminded me of the movie's nutcase mom and her 2 adorable daughters. 

You see, I was lying on the couch. Not exactly in dreamland, although the desire to be in dreamland was...very desirable. The girls had gone upstairs to ransack whatever's left of their room. I took the opportunity to get some shut eye. Eventually, they came downstairs with things that belonged upstairs (and that never went upstairs ever again). I heard them and pretended to sleep. Ash came over and inspected the situation. After which, she promptly hushed Mini saying "Shhh...mommy's asleep. Don't make noise". Then, Ash proceeded to cover me with the blankie. And, so they went to play. 

If you have seen the movie, there was a scene where Charlotte found her mom on the couch, half drunk and covered her with a blankie. And I believe she mumbled something about having to always take care of her mom. Honestly, I can't remember the scene exactly but just that part. And, as I laid there, pretending to be asleep, I think that perhaps, eventually as Ash grows up, she'll actually be a lot more sensible than her mom. And that I may very well end up being a ku-ku head and I will need my daughter to take of me. Am I getting anywhere? Nah...

It was just a sweet gesture from Ash and I wanted to remember it She is very collected, very sensitive, very sensible. I don't think I had half her attributes when I was her age. I hope she doesn't change. Even if she does, I am glad she's my kid. I am glad both are my kids and I wouldn't change that for anything in the world. 

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