Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lao Shir

So, yesterday, I was helping Ash with her homework, she called me Lao Shir (teacher in Mandarin). No, she's not in the Chinese stream but she learns some in school. I replied "huh?". Then she said "Lao Shir is are teacher lo thats why I call you Lao Shir". I was like 'OK'.

Then, I grabbed something for her and she said "xie xie". I was "huh?". She explained "xie xie" is thank you". I was like "OK"..again. In my head, what was that all about? Anyway, I hope it will stop there because that's about ALL the Mandarin that I know.

She finished her homework quickly. And said "can I play games...please please...pretty please?". I am telling you, whoever got my kids addicted to video and computer games, you had better watch out! I might just start her with more ASA. Like...guitar lessons with the wonderful Taylor Guitars? How about that? instead of those computer games. 

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