Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Now that the girls are a wee bit older, they love playing pretend together. One minute they are mommy and baby; the next minute, they are chef and waitress. Or, yesterday evening after dinner, they were teacher and student. Since there wasn't 'enough' students, they made Mickey, Cinderella, eraser (??) and some other stationaries their student. Rather, it was Emily because she was the teacher and she was taking attendance. "Eraser? - Present!". "Mickey? - Present!" It was so funny I just burst out laughing in the kitchen.

Also, a couple of times, hubby and I got roped in on their pretend play as well. Once Hubby had to be chef and Ash was the waitress. But her restaurant ah, you cannot order anything you like because everything also she don't have. O_O. WHat about the time where they played hairdresser? They were both busy styling hubby's hair. That was also another funny.

I am telling you - too funny!

What next lil ones? A bookshop selling books

Can't wait for that episode to air.

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