Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kids fighting


It was a case of one wants neat, the other wants mess. For some reason this evening, Mini became an impossible creature. Not that that something new -- just that, she was just being nasty today towards her sister. And, bless her sis, Ash just continued picking up after Mini to a point where Ash herself got really frustrated and screamed at Mini to stop leaving her building blocks all over the place. Actually, Mini threw them on the floor and Ash screamed in anger "if you do that, the toys will break!" She was obviously very frustrated and she didn't like Mini man-handling...urm...anything. The more frustrated Ash got, the more MIni did just to spite her sis. 

So the question beckons : WHere is Mama? Well, the Mama as usual, no eye see...went hiding in the kitchen. :-P.

Was positive to know that Ash treasures her toys. Just can't say the same about Mini though. That girl needs...oh, I don't know? A field trip to Guantanamo Bay? :-). 

p.s : I am on a yesterday's-movie roll at the moment. Just watched my all-time favourite - A Few Good Men. How can you not love the movie? A star-studded cast, brilliant script, men in uniform...They don't make movies like they used to...  

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