Thursday, March 21, 2013


Ash is 6 today.

6...6??? How did that happen.

What can I tell you about the little Princess we have here?

She is a gem! I know..everyone says that about their kids, their firstborn but no, she really is a gem.

I have no words to describe what an incredible little human that she is. Astonishingly so when she's my daughter. No words.

Plus, I am super super tired today. Running around collecting her cuppies, morning tea with a friend, being the messenger, delivering said cuppies to school so her can drool over them..hehehe. And then, driving home.

We did not celebrate her birthday this year because hubby was out of town last weekend so decided to just have a low key one with her friends at school and a quiet moment with the family. Which was enough. She's not big on lavish celebrations anyhow. As long as she's got her family close by (and her birthday cake), she'll be happy as a lark. In the end, that's all she got! hahahah...:-P 

However, she did have certain requests. Like what she wanted for her birthday and how her cake should look like. Luckily, it wasn't a 24K diamond ring nor a 6 tier wedding cake lined with diamond studs. No, none of that...Thank You God! All she wanted was "Angelina Ballerina cake and Strawberry Shortcake water-bottle"....her exact words. Easy peasy la. But, I must say, her Angelina Ballerina (cup)cake(s) made everyone green with envy.

ANd yes, we got her the Strawberry Shortcake water-bottle. 

So you see....what's there not to be happy about? The simple things in life....comes pretty reasonable in price...:-D. 

"Happy 6th Birthday my Princess. You are REALLY 6 hon, really! And, you will find your Prince one day, just maybe not today but - when you're 30?"

Update : This is a back-dated post. 

She turned 6 a couple of days ago and I just couldn't get the post published on time for some reason. Photos     will come later (when I get my phone back from the lil one).

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