Wednesday, March 27, 2013

School Holiday mode's the holidays! 

But..not exactly jumping up for joy because both Ash and I are down in the dumps. Yea, we got the flu bug. Hubby is nervous because he has to do everything in the house...hehehhe..:-P

Anyway, luckily the visit to the dumps was a short one. Still? Not very good if you have to visit the dumps at all, right?

Today, the girls have been entertaining each other all day. First, they patiently watched a heavily defective DVD. In the end, the DVD gave up and froze refused to reel anymore images. Just froze. So much for tv.

Then, Ash played teacher to Mini. I know. It is my job but I figured it's actually good practise for Ash because after all, if you can guide and teach someone, you would have understood your work right? Of course, it wasn't as if Ash was teaching the deep theory of Physics or whatever...just simple colouring, sums, words...etc..the stuff that 6 year old should already master. So, you see, delegation isn't so bad after all. :-D.

OK, I am back to bed. I should use this time to fully recover before school starts up again..ekkk.

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