Sunday, March 31, 2013

The animal lover

I may have mentioned it before (not sure, now) that Ash is an animal lover. I mean, a lover of ALL types of animals?

Seriously..this girl is crazy! The other day, for some reason, I may have accidentally snapped a lizard's tail whilst doing the dishes in the kitchen. I don't know how I did it, but I did. The next thing I knew, something small and flickery was moving next to my feet. When I looked down, it was the tail having a seizure. Immediately I felt soo soo SOO geli-fied and screamed my head off. I felt as though I have 10-thousand of those all over my body..It was so disgusting.

Then you know what happened? Obviously the whole house heard me. Probably the neighbours down 10 blocks heard me. Heck, probably the pan meen at Sunway Damansara heard me too.

The girls came into the kitchen wondering what the commotion was and I screamed "lizard!! lizard!!". Ash went "Where..where?". I pointed to it on the floor still seizure-esq and all. To my horror she said "'s a cute lizard. It's nothing mommy, it's just his tail". And then, she went nearer to it almost picking the damn thing up with her fingers. Crazy or what?! Just then, hubby came and flicked that horrible thing away, out of my sight.

I tell you - this girl has no fear. Honestly. She fears some thing, surely?

ANyway, she's still the animal lover of the family. Mini and I would just jump out of our skin if they ever come near us.

I did contemplate on getting Ash a puppy/dog for her birthday. Oh how she would have been ultra surprised. Then, I thought, I should get her a baby lamb instead. hehhehe..She's had a taste of them. She's fine.

This post is all over the place. All these things in my head, am spewing it out as I go along.

April is coming soon. We will be busy. I don't really like being busy..and generally we're not busy but just seeing the month of April makes me nervous. The honest biggy would be the coming home of Uncle G. Mini will have her tree back to climb on. I can't can't..

A holiday in the pipeline perhaps? After all, we need to spend our big 4-0 in a urm...big way isn't it? No, please don't tell me that having a kid will be the ultimate birthday present. No, not going there. Every time I hear my neighbour's baby cry whenever I come home, chills run down my spine. I mean more baby. Speaking of which, I've got 2 friends who will have their bundle of joy arriving this year. One a little earlier than the other. What a friend I am right? I don't even know when their due dates are. I know one will be born in the dead of the New Zealand winter. If I want to visit them, I might as well scout also for some skiing stuff...sticks, skates, sleigh, ski jackets men...etc. Or, we could pack our bikini and head to Aruba? I don't know - both are equally tempting.

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