Sunday, July 21, 2013


We had wanted to give our home a make-over since...since...a long time ago. We even got a contractor in to tell him what we wanted done to our home, discussed the package, discussed the time-line..etc..

I am happy to report...we only got about a quarter of what we had originally wanted to do. Call it bad timing or you could call it "some-other-thing-came-up". Anyway, we only got about that much done and "that" was just re-painting the house. Well the interior of it at least. We got it down when we went for our long vacation end of last year. Whilst we were away, the hubs gave the keys to someone and when we came home....we came home to a new bungalow! Ha Ha...No la. Just re-painted with different colours and since I left the colour choices to hubby, I had not much to say...hehehehe.

Will we ever get the other part of our plans get done? I am not sure, to be honest. Just a few things here and there like maybe throw in a modern bathroom vanity. Things which we originally wanted but may not need in the coming, I honestly don't know. Besides, the contractor is super busy. Hasn't had time to come look at our place. Haven't even billed us!! Yeah, we kinda haven't paid for a job completed more than 6 months ago.

Any progress, I will surely let you know. As of now, nothing's been moving yet. Things have to be getting on moving reaaaallll sooonn...

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