Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fairy Bread

Ash has been obsessed with this fairy bread. No, it's not a magical bread where once you eat it, you become immortal and can fly about world. No, it's just a piece of bread covered with colourful sparkly sprinkles. I have not made it for her although she made it in school and kept asking to make one at home.

First of all, I haven't gone to buy fairy dust. Secondly, she has forgotten all about them fairy breads and eating eggs on toast instead. With the myriad of activities this girl has, fairy bread isn't gonna be much help to her. Just like a contrabassoon is to me. Not only that it costs a bomb, it is really blardy expensive. $20K++ is enough to buy me a very nice car. 

So, we will not be getting any expensive toys anytime soon and Ash will not be having her fairy bread anytime soon either. It's a good thing she has forgotten about it, innit? *smiles*

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