Friday, June 28, 2013

Being ahead know what? I am telling you - these parents are so super duper "kiasu". It's hokkien for...err...someone who wants to be on top of EVERYTHING? Somewhere along there la.

Seriously, these are the people that make their kids have tuition all day long, 7 days a week, learn a gazillion Musical Instruments, participate in many sporting events (and must come out first), top of the school and neighbouring schools. Or better yet, top of the whole country and the world. So, you tell me - kiasu or not? 

My question is : where do they find the time? No need to sleep? No need to breathe? No need to eat? No need to s***? WHat is the long term effects from such err...activities will the kids suffer? WHat if one day, they don't make it? They don't become Vanessa Mae at 13 for instance. Then what? All those years and hours of training and practising...will come down to just being nothing. What a waste isn't it? 

Ah..anyway, with all the hype about not having to do much or having to pressure kids, but yet parents continue to do it. Of course, it won't be what the PARENTS want but instead, it's what MY KIDS want. See the difference? Masked under the No, it's not me, it's my daughter, she wants to do it. I tell her don't want but she insist. What am I to do? I am stuck. Yea right a whole load of rubbish thats what it is. You can still choose not to allow it. My wise friend once told me : kids don't rule, only parents rule. 

Think about that for a bit...parents.

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