Friday, June 28, 2013

Dorothy Perkins End of Season Sale

I know this is kind of late. But...better late than never! :-). Actually, they informed us last month about the sale. As usual, I simply dismiss it and forgot about everything. Until last night where I was reminded (once again!) about the sale. Don't we women love our sales.

All kinds of clothes, shoes, bags accessories...even for petites and plus size active wear from junonia. You name it, they have it. Even bikinis. That reminds me (again), I have to get myself a decent swimwear seeing that I last bought one almost 15 years ago. It not only no longer fits me, but, they are horrifically out of fashion. So, in need of trendy decent swimwear and need to get one soon for our upcoming holiday by the beach :-). 

So, get your husbands wallets girls and do some serious damage! 

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