Monday, April 1, 2013

Having the competitive streak

Ash is really competitive. To the point of acting all crazy if she does not get No. 1.

How? Why? None of us are competitive in any manner whatsoever. I mean, I'll gladly let everyone else join the Wongs or the Joneses or the, go ahead, be my guest.

Sadly, not my Ash. She's a maniac when it comes to competiting. And she WILL kick up a big fuss if she loses. Like crying for not having been selected for story competition or searching high and low for the best drums and not finding any. Whose kid is that?! Definitely not mine.

Oh...I'm talking about her games la. Nothing to do with school. :-D. 

But, still, the freak goes crazy whenever she's with the console. She is an absolute maniac. And again, who shall I have to thank for her behaviour?

*sharpening me knives as we speak*.

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