Tuesday, May 25, 2010

c'mon Daddy...let goes!

Come on...Daddy!!
taken 3 weekends ago at a park near my mom's place

The week's back huh?! Well, for what it's worth, this work week will be a short one. Friday's a public holiday. So...yay!! :-).

I know, it won't make much of a difference to me since..well, technically I don't get breaks at all. But, with hubby around to help, trust me, it makes all the difference.

So, what did you do last weekend? We took it slow. We were at my mom's place on Sunday as usual. Had yummy-licious lunch...as usual. But, the highlight of the day wasn't lunch surprisingly even though we had, oh...trust me,...glorious food. It was something else and it has completely nothing to do with lunch at all.

Ok, so. Ash has this addiction to the playground/park near my mom's place. I don't blame her - it's nice. Large enough for almost all kinds of activities but small enough to lend it a cosy feel. And because my mom's housing area is now some 30 years old, the trees have the kind of big trunks making parts of the playground feeling kinda woodsy. Alright, I'm no good at descriptions. You'll just have to imagine it a little harder heheh....

So, anyway, we were there again on Sunday evening. We saw familiar faces. We even brought Ash's bike along so she could cycle along the rather wide foot path that lined the park. And she did...cycle. But stopped short half-way when she became enthralled by a boy and his mechanical bird.

He looked no more than...urm, 10. He was at the park with his grandfather. The kid played by himself. Wound up the bird and letting it go like a kite. It flew for a bit before hitting the ground. Ash found that to be more amusing than the group of kids playing basketball. She stood at the side, watching the boy and his bird intently.

The kid must be a very generous kid because after a while, he even tried teaching Ash how to throw the bird. Obviously that made her day. She threw (or tried to) and chased after it...threw and chased after it. She had fun. It was nice seeing her having fun. Then the grandfather spoke to us. He asked if Ash was our only child and what the mortgage insurance rates. We said 'no, we have another who's a year old". He smiled and said "oh". He stopped for a while, turn to look at his grandson and then told us "ah...how great and innocent kids are..they are so full of life. You know, when we were young like you, we had no time for them. We concentrated on our careers and then we come back so late and we are so tired. We never enjoyed them. Now, how I miss those young life."

Oh..we just nodded and smile. What were we to say in any case? You know, walking back home after that, I realised how true those thoughts and words were. And how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy my kids' young life right now because once it's over, I can never get it back no matter what I do. As it is, I'm already feeling that the girls are growing up way too fast. I can't even begin to imagine what will happen when they are truly independent and doesn't need me anymore. Part of me will yell "yes...finally" :-P. But I'm so darn certain that another bigger part of me will utter "..how I miss those young life"..


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

There were many times that I contemplated being a SAHM but our situation doesn't allow me to. It's true that we have to enjoy every single moment we have with them as once that moment is over, nothing can bring it back. Have many great moments with Ash & Em!!

mommy to chumsy said...

love the photo :)

Jen Cheung said...

gotta agree with the old grandpa :)

wen said...

kids grow up very fast. enjoy while we can

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