Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday's here again..

What is it about Fridays that I love so much? I mean, technically, Fridays are the busiest for me in that, it's one of those days where I plan my grocery shopping, what to cook for the week, get supplies, clean (of course, I don't clean personally but supervising can be tiresome too you know :-P). I don't go for drinks at a club or wind down or fact, Fridays for me, is just like any other day of the week. Then, why do I love Fridays? An astonishing revelation will come up in the ensuing para...

**snigger**...Actually, there's nothing special about Fridays except for the fact that, I get to chill - mentally and physically. We all need way or another. For me, chilling is when I tell my hubby "ok, thats it. Today I am out...switched cooking, no cleaning no nothing...Em goes to my in-laws. Ash is fine with me cos she knows what to do when I chill."

And, I just get to shut everything out and allow my thoughts to just wander into the wilderness...somewhere..i.e by simply doing nothing. heheh...That's how I chill. Not shopping, not looking for bargains..just sit back, relax and even, writing up a blog post sends me to nirvana (ok, now, that came out quite wrong...I ain't dead yet!). You know what I mean - just try to relax.

Today however, the maid's sick (oh, in case you're wondering - I no longer have a live-in maid, just a part-timer...share with you another day) so she didn't turn up today. And hubby's got dinner plans. Still....I am sticking to my guns and relaxing. Working on my photo-book relaxes me too. Oh dear...did I just come across as a complete Nerd? haha...I am and I am proud to be one :-D. Well, as long as it calms me, I ain't complaining.

So, anyway, I want to get back to 'chillin' and you guys, have a good weekend!

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Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

How nice!!! I like Fridays too because I shoot off early from work and do grocery shopping on my own, which I find terribly therapeutic.

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