Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the twirl and the sleeping bears

Ashley was busy twirling away one day. Note her singing mic in the background (yes, my tripod hehe..)

I wrote this as a note on my FB. Since I still can't get over it, I thought I'd share it here with you guys :

News of May 14th - Before having my 'real' lunch, I was busy consuming "food" Ashley's been feeding me. She was busy 'cooking' all morning for me but I was still hungry and wanted some real food. So, I lined her bears (there are 4 of them btw) up on the couch, and placed, in front of each bear, a plate of Ashley's goodie and told her : "here, you cook for bear-bear to mum-mum...bear-bear hungwy".

She shot me that yeah-right-mom-do-you-think-i-was-born-yesterday look. But, I ignored her and walked very fast into the kitchen (not like my kitchen is very far away la...just that I was hungry). I was about to take the first bite of my very boring lunch, she came in and said "e-ki-mes (excuse me), bear-bear sleep-ring (sleeping)".

I went "WHAT??!!...bear-bear hungwy...want to mum-mum". Then I went outside and true enough, they were faced down, in sleep mode. Plates were no where near.

I said to her again "hey, bear-bear hungwy...bear-bear want to mum-mum".

She folded her arms and said (very sternly) - "No. Bear-bear tired. Bear-bear sleep-ring."

I gave up - "OK...bear-bear sleep-ring"...and continued eating (or so I thought).

Then, she came to me, smiling and asked "mommy, do you wanna pway (play) jump?"

Me = **pengsan**

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