Wednesday, May 12, 2010

toilet training

I've started toilet training Ash this week.

Oh...why so "late", you might be wondering.

Well, many reasons but the top-most was/is because I just can't take the spills (and thrills). I don't think I can handle poo on the floor, pee on my rug etc...ok, I don't have a rug. But, get the drift don't you? Besides, I had other things to worry about or to have my toes kept like Em for one...and wrinkle creams. It's tough being middle-aged :-P

Hows the progress so far? It's been 2 days now. She's still afraid and a bit unsure of what to do. I think it's horrifying for her. A little bit of pressure I guess. But, when she did get her pee into her ppotty, she was happy and was jumping up and down screaming "..I gol -it...I gol -it!!"..

I guess I will have to continue encouraging her and giving her the support. It felt like gold seeing golden pee in the throne :-)


mommy to chumsy said...

well done Ashley :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I don't think it's late at all. I hate it when people tell me to start toilet-training them early. I think every individual child has his/her "time" when he/she will be ready. With Bryan, it took me less than 5 days to toilet train him. Why? Because he was ready by wanting to be toilet-trained. Plus of course, he out-grew XXL sized diapers so mummy also no choice lor! :)Good luck!

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