Monday, February 15, 2010

happy chinese new year!!

I know -- I am awfully late with the wishes. I've been so so busy with last minute shopping, preparation and a little request from a friend. So, it's all been occupying my time for the past few days preceding the new year. Also, what's with the kids being bitten by the flu-bug. And finally, my BIL and family's in town for the first time during CNY. Therefore, we've been shuttling back and forth as many times as possible to be with them at my MIL's house.

Ash and Em met their cousins for the first time, ever! I'm glad to say that they hit it off like ol' pals. It's as if they've known each other for years. Ash has finally met her 'kor kor' and she's been following him everywhere...heheh...they are so cute together despite their age gap of 7 years! Her kor-kor indulges her whims and fancies, which goes down well with her by the way. I just hope that when it's time for them to leave, she'll not be too heartbroken and will actually let him go heheh...

As for Em, she's still in a daze, not knowing fully what's going on. Because we are out of theSo house so often, she knocks out pretty fast during the night-time. It's actually a relieve for us since she was having difficulty sleeping last week due to stuffy nose and irritating throat. Oh yea, she's recently developed a tiny patch of eczema at the neck area behind her. The doc prescribed something for her to apply. So far, the meds are working, no need for eczema alternative treatments unlike some so...I am glad.

Ok, that's it for now. Gotta pack and head on over to MIL's. Speak soon..

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