Monday, February 8, 2010




Wa you doing there?


momsie : Who did you call?

Ash : Ashy gurl call Goofy

momsie : **burst into laughter**...what did goofy say?

Ash : I dunno...Ashy gurl call Goofy.

I wonder what Goofy said on the other line? More Goofy snacks perhaps...need advice on which modern furniture to get since I think the Clubhouse needs a major overhaul.

Oh well, whatever it is, I am certainly glad its Goofy and not some Tom, Dick or Harry! I may not have a major problem with that but I am willing to bet that hubby WILL have something to say! **grins**


mommy to chumsy said... cute :)

Jufi said...

Just dropping by to say "Hi". Found your site through Barb's blog. Really enjoyed really your posts. They are funny & entertaining.

Thanks again!!

ryeli said...

gong xi fa cai to all of you...have a great tiger year ahead!

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