Friday, February 5, 2010

did you know?

that...we were married for 5 years before we had Ash?

oh. before that, are you even remotely interested? hehhe...doesn't matter. I'll tell you anyway. yes, we were. If we had kids straight-away, Ash will be 8 and Em will be 6. Looking at the numbers now, it's made me realise how so very far off I am.

So, did I regret or was it an infertility issue? It's not the first time we get asked this question. You know, I think my mom was also having that thought but of course, being a mom, the last thing you'd want to do is to make matters harder for your child than it already is so she just kept her thoughts to herself.

Ok, so first thing's first - do I regret having kids so late in my life (I am no spring chicken people!)? Some days, I do. Because I have this illusion of fitting into those skimpy jeans and droop-down top and you know, still have it. But, on most days, I don't because if I had kids earlier, we won't have the luxury of me being at home with the kids.

The next most popular question thrown at us - do you have a problem? I don't think so. But we did have to try about 6 months for Ash. And for Em, we didn't try at all. We did initially, but since we realised that we couldn't meet the deadline of 2008, we stopped. LOL..and then, when we least expected it, she was conceived. So, I may have had some problem I'm not entirely sure but at least, we didn't have to burn our pockets fixing anything.

So, you know..:-)


mommy to chumsy said...

thanks for sharing...hehehhehehe

wen said...

its God's gift to u!

ryeli said...

i believe, everything happens for a reason. yea, u may regret at times having kids so late but the thing is, if u do have kids earlier on, you wont even have ash or em. i mean their names may be the same but it would be a different ash and, u know what i mean ya. ;)

Ann said...

LOL !!! Either way, life is good now!

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