Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the new year

it's the 3rd day of CNY and we were supposed to go to the beach for some sun and fun. before you go "ooh...that's nice", it's actually not because the weather's been freaking hot! I'd much rather walk about aimlessly at the malls enjoying the not-so-fresh-but-cool-air. Something we did yesterday. We brought the jing-bang to 1U bought a bunch of stuff like kites, buckets, spades and stuffs for the beach. I took the opportunity to grab my depleting shampoo and a couple of office supplies such as papers and pencils. If you're wondering (because I know you are), they are for Ash. She's been using them and misplacing them and some times I find them at MIL's.

Also, shopping during the new year is really fun because the malls aren't filled to the brim with people. Especially if you're like me, someone who couldn't be bothered to wrestle with the folks for clothes, you'll find buying them now is such a breeze. No waiting for the changing room, no need to step on anyone's toes. Just grab, try and buy hehhe...I know, I am such a loser. But, hey, anything that rocks my boat...flows..(I must be drunk; I don't even know how that came out).

But, we have to re-schedule our beach trip to sometime later this week because FIL has caught the flu-bug. So, we're staying close by just in case he needs to see the doc. It hasn't really been the best of CNY for us what with so many family members falling sick. I just hope he recovers soon; it's no fun being sick during CNY..

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Ann said...

Yes...the roads and the malls are pertty empty! GREAT for those that are left behind.

Beach? Where are you all heading to?

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