Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cooling down

What a welcoming sign - I woke up and looked out the window and no sun; just clouds and smell of looming thunderstorm. Just nice since we've decided to let the kids sleep and rest in today. No more walking, jumping and other "hyper" activities. Of course, all were looking forward to the beach but we had to tell them that we were not doing it tomorrow (today) cos we wanted to be around in case grandpa needs to see the doc and all. Speaking of grandpa, he was doing much better yesterday. So, he should be good to go by end of the week.

So, today is a day for all to re-charge and re-group and basically, clean the house did look as if a mini cyclone just swept through and left no stones un-turned. And worst, my face is starting to resemble the moon/mars what with the lack of sleep and early wake-up calls. Now, where's my bottle of acne cleanser cos it's like my face's American Express - I don't leave home without it!!

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