Thursday, February 18, 2010

crazy bird day

We took the kids to the bird park this afternoon. We could've made it in the morning but hubby's niece wasn't feeling too well so we waited till she felt better before deciding to make that move. And, she did; she felt better in the afternoon and so we were good to go. Besides, the park isn't huge, we figured that we'll be spending no more than 3 hours in the bird jungle.

After that, we we were all pooped. The kids enjoyed themselves naturally. Even Ash because she's been there before but she was too young to remember anything. I doubt she'll even remember this trip. Oh and we left Em with my MIL..heheh...

Personally, I didn't really enjoy it as much. It got a little boring towards the end. I hope I won't have to make a trip there ever again...heheh..

Now that the aftermath is over, I have only 1 question on my mind - how to get rid of blackheads? Seriously, with all these sweating and pores opening, I need the answer now more than ever!!

p.s : I watched Up on DVD a couple of days ago and I had this strange illusion that I might see "kevin' running across our paths this afternoon...LOL (read : going nuts!)

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