Friday, February 19, 2010

oh mr sun, golden sun...

shinning down on me...

If you look at me now, I look like roast beef..All of us look like roast beef in fact. Ash finally got a a long time. It does look nice on her though.

We went to Bagan Lalang..again!! Seems it's pretty much a CNY trend to be heading there for some sun. I'm a little bit disappointed with the development or should I say, the lack of. It looks the same when I first visited 3 years ago and it's as if time stopped and nothing moved. Really strange indeed. But, then again, what do you really expect from a local developer eh. I tried to stay positive but frankly, I am running out of patience. It's the same feeling I get whenever someone talks about seo software - no thanks!

We found crabs, swam in mud and flew or attempted to fly a kite. And, if you must know, I am bummed!

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