Friday, April 16, 2010

her ways

I had a long day today. In the morning, Ash had playgroup and in the afternoon was house- cleaning. So, I am pretty much pooped.

Ash been ok in class. She's becoming more confident and being more independent. Even though, I am there with her, during the times when she needs to do things on her own, she's happily doing them without me. More importantly, she somehow manages to stay clear from the radar and not gone into any cat fights with anyone hehehe...I am relieved for sure.

One thing I've noticed about her is that she gets disturbed whenever she sees kids fighting and kids who ended up crying as a result. She doesn't like to see people fight and all that. She's one peaceful gal isn't she? But then, whenever her sis takes or wants to take her stuff i.e her mickey mouse, her bicycle...she will somehow hold nothing back and will snatch them away or she'll run and hide..LOL..

I know, this is only the beginning right? Yep, don't remind me.

Anyway, I am glad so far she's been a pretty good girl. Sometimes, she gets on our nerves but I would say that on most occasions, she listens.

Oh and she loves to have things in order. She is quite the mechanic. Everything must have it's system. Not that we impose it on her but she always remembers how things are supposed to be and she doesn't like changes very much. She'll accept it but she won't like it.

Ash is changing day by day. It's wonderful how you are given this chance to experience such evolution. I know many who long for this experience but never getting it. I am extremely thankful.

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