Saturday, April 17, 2010

the photog

Ash has always been curious at my constant snapping of pics. She'll want to look at the image in the LCD monitor after every click. Lately, she'll even want to snap pics on her own with my camera which of course, is off-limits.

So, we let her use our old digital compact instead. She's been having a blast since. She's also been dropping it and rendering the camera un-usable on several occasions. But somehow, the compact 'heals' itself. **spooky**.

She snaps just about anything and uses the compact as if its a DSLR, peeping into the viewfinder hole. In this photo, she was taking a pic of Em who was in the baby play-pan at the time. She wanted me to snap a photo of her doing so. hehehe...

There, this is partly how I entertain my kids. Sometimes, it can be more physical. FOr instance, they will climb onto me like I'm a tree. Or Ash will want sit on my back while I'm on all fours taking me on as if I'm a horse. So, if you're wondering how moms manage to keep their slim bodies after birth, wonder no more because I just told you the secret. Don't believe in myths such as weight loss surgery because clearly, they simply don't exist.


mommy to chumsy said...

love this shot of ashley. it has a vintage feel to it ;) is this the right photog term? hehehehhehehe

Ann said... a days I see alot of kids with cameras. New age kids really good with technology.

Shireen Loh said...

Barb : one of my fav shots too, thanks! yes, you got the term correct :-D. Getting good eh..;-P

Ann : you are quite right. Kids these days are exposed to more and more hi-tech stuffs compared to my days..hehehe

wen said...

me oso chucked our point and shoot to my son liao!

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