Monday, April 19, 2010

Ash and her movies

If I was looking for a job, my job search would be pretty easy because at the moment, my dream job is to work at a DVD shop!

I'll tell you why - Ash has been watching lots of movies lately. No, not Sherlock Holmes, Kung Fu kid or Avatar but Disney and Pixar animated movies. So far she's absolutely hooked on Up. I'll have you know that it's not only her that is crazy over the movie, so is hubby! They both can watch the house with balloons over and over and over...and over. I can memorize the script if they don't do it first.

So, I figured that if I worked in a DVD shop, I can get free DVDs. Brilliant, no? Yes, cest, I'm in a frenchie mood. Getting ready for the French Open. :-D.

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