Monday, December 14, 2009

mishap during the weekend

Wanna know what happened?

Well, this momsie got her little left pinky bruised cos she slammed her car-door shut on the little thing. Thankfully, no broken bones. Even so, it's awful! I was in shock for a couple of minutes. What happened was, after putting Emily in her car seat, I decided (very cleverly) to close the door and for only God knows why, my hands never really left the door. I saw the whole thing. And I had to open the door to well, remove my pinky. I wonder if there's insurance coverage for these things; you know, like home insurance?

Anyway, there are no photos cos I'm not in the urm, pink (heheh...pun intended) of health nor in the mood to take any. You'll just have to take my word for it. Besides, you don't really want to look at bruised fingers now would you? :-) Oh and, my nail is black now...eekkk!!


ryeli said...

owww...i know how that feels coz it happened to me twice in my life. once as a kid and once as an adult - it's so not funny!

have to be more careful next time!

Ann said...

I had the goose bumps!!! Hope the nail doesnt come out!

karenyiau said...

Good if there is really such insurance coz I need it! lol

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