Sunday, May 4, 2008

Midnight post

I am back - from a very exhausting all girls outing this evening. It is fun with a capital "F". I've just downloaded pictures from the memory card and I'll post about it with pictures on another day cos I am tired, my eyelids are drooping and thoroughly spent. Besides, tomorrow, we'll be going for our mini weekend get-away. It was scheduled yesterday but had to make an adjustment due to hubby's work. As usual, what else? :-P

While I was away on my own, Ash and hubby went to a birthday party. From what hubby told me, she enjoyed herself and was curiously observing the older kids. I hope seeing other kids having fun, running around, will spur her on to walk independently. She's still very afraid and will hang on to me, to stuffs but the one thing that she isn't afraid of is climbing the opposite. OK, time for some really last minute packing. Tata!


Tammy said...

Have a great time on your weekend getaway!

Constance Chan said...

Hope your getaway was a great one.

My Japanese Name is Mimoto Arichi Katomiku. Nice or not? Get your own Japanese name. It's cool..

Helen said...

Rest well. :-)

You have a hectic day ahead now you're taking over from hubby. :-P

IMMomsDaughter said...

Going on a vacation? Hope you have a great one, though normally with a kid in tow, it's more tiring than relaxing ;)

Shern's mom said...

Wah, you went away for an all girls outing and leave Ash all alone with your hubby and he managed? Oh, what a great daddy! Never in a million years shern's daddy can take care of him and bring him to a party all by himself. You're lucky.

Shireen Loh said...

Tammy : yay!! I am back and kissed the ground! lol..err, actually it was only a nite's stay..:-D

Constance : ooo...thanks! Sounds fun..will do so ASAP! :-)

Helen : aiyo, kenot rest la...tell ya'll later.

Imm : hehhe...hardly. More like a sleep-over! lol..but man, you are right! :-D

Shern's mom : hehhee..helps when she is quite attached to her daddy. She even called Daddy first! hmmpphh..:-D

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