Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It all started today last year..part II

You have to read from this post cos I actually started this series sometime back but didn't continue until now.

I walked up to the labour ward with the hubby in tow. It was surprisingly very quiet with no one screaming or shouting, which I thought, was a good thing for me. One of the midwives who was on duty came to greet me and I told her that I am supposed to 'check in" only at 10pm that night but when I called earlier, the hospital staff told me to come in for a check (I called earlier telling them I had my "show" in the morning). She told me they'd check on me and led me to one of the labour rooms.

I was beginning to get nervous cos it was only my second time visiting the labour room and plus, I didn't have any ante-natal classes prior to this. Hubby found at the corner what he thinks is for the hubby or anyone witnessing the birth - a comfy recliner. He promptly put our things away as I looked around. Just then, one of the nurses came in and asked me to change into the hospital garb. She told me she wanted to check if I had dilated. In my mind, I kept telling myself "Please, let me be at least dilated some centimeters".

I lay on the bed and sure enough, the lady came, checked and said "Nope, you're not dilated at all" (Bummer!). Since we were already there, we asked the nurse if we could stay on since we have to come back later anyway. She said she will give a call to my doctor first before advising me further. We waited for roughly 5 minutes before she came back to say "OK, you no need to stay, you can go home". Knowing my gynea I knew what he would've told the nurse "What? Still not dilated and only show and want to stay in the hospital? No need. Ask them to go home, relax and come back again"

So, we did. We picked up our things and headed home. Actually, we went to my in laws since they live 5 minutes away from the hospital. We went home and like the doctor said "relaxed, watched tv, had dinner and waited". In fact, I wasn't even thinking about the night cos both hubby and I were a little anxious to catch our badminton doubles pair in action that evening. It was supposedly history in the making and we didn't want to miss the show. Furthermore, we were only supposed to check in at 10, we have plenty of time.

It was 10.20pm and we were still waiting for our doubles pair to begin their game. Unfortunately for us, their game was the last to go on. Shoot!!! Reluctantly, both hubby and I, walked slowly to the car while stealing glances at the tv hoping against hope that we may at least catch the first game. "Faster, go already!!" shooed my MIL. OK, quickly quickly we drove and reached the hospital 10 minutes to 11pm.

I knew the drill, quickly changed to my hospital garb, checked by the midwife. Still nothing. She came with some pills on her palm and told me "I'm going to insert this to soften your cervix and you are not supposed to get up for at least an half an hour. In the morning, we will put the drip". OK, whatever that means. After that, I was checked one last time before I got ready for bed. I brushed my teeth while my hubby got ready to get cosy too. He slept almost immediately. I tried to get some sleep but after an hour, I could feel a slight stomach discomfort. Its not pain but it was disturbing enough that I couldn't sleep very well. I tossed and turned. I even went outside and had a chat with the nurse. I told the nurse 'Oh, I feel terrible. How long will this last?". Oh, don't worry, by noon tomorrow, all will be over!!". OMG!! I still have to wait till NOON???

I slowly throttled back to my room to try to get some shut-eye. But I couldn't. Before I knew it, it was 7am. The nurse came back in, and I was dilated 2cm. ONLY??? Things from this period on was a little hazy. I remembered drinking a glass of milo and I think, my ObGy came to check on me before going off. I was left in the hands of the midwives and nurses.

They wasted no time. I was shaved and then, placed on the drips. The nightmare started and from then on, everything moved rather...I don't know. My memory is kind of fuzzy from that period till Ash actually pooped out. All I remembered was, the nurses got me dilated till 9 cm around noon. I remember the whole time, my hubby couldn't get out of the little corner of the labour room as the nurses asked him to stay there and draw the curtains. He couldn't "see" anything but only could hear the nurses.

The whole time, I was told to push, deep breath, don't force, push like how you would do when you are doing your big business. For the record, I didn't attend any ante-natal classes. I simply didn't see the need to and if you asked me, I think I made the right choice. OK, where was I? Yes, noon. So, they told my hubby "Soon, a while"..That "soon a while" took another 5 hours. From 9 to 10 took 5 friggin hours. NO epidural. The pain was excruciating and I was exhausted. I really was. I only had the gas and oxygen intermittently. I also remembered that half-way my water broke, and I thought it was just blood. And then, the nurses came in with a something, I don't know what it was but it was used to monitor the baby's heart beat. She was in there a little too long. But my doctor was calm. He came in to check on me twice during the whole process and then went down to work. But he did call up off and on check on things. No C-Section, he was that adamant. I didn't want it either if I could helped it.

I was finally dilated to 10cm and the doctor came in. As soon as he came in, the nurses backed off. Oh did I also mention to you that the nurses are all afraid of my doctor? Yeah, they are. At that point, I was too cos he looked mean and so was my hubby cos he wanted to take some pictures also he didn't dare, afraid he might get told to leave the, he did his thing, Ash came out with 2 big push (I think). Again, I was still feeling dizzy. I heard her cry. I remember telling my hubby "Go go...follow the nurse. Go see where they are taking her". Oh before that, they tied a number to Ash and I and then brought her to me "Nah, nah..see ar, girl" while she flashed her privates to me so I can confirm that she's a girl. Thinking back, that was so hilarious but not at that time, I merely nodded. Even if they had gotten it wrong I would've also nodded. I was super duper tired.

All this time, I was being pressed (to dispel the placenta), being "sewed" up and sponged before they wheeled me to my room. Baby came to my room much later, so did everyone :-)

Its truly amazing to be able to have that gift of giving birth. Its not the most pleasant feeling on earth. Pain like hell but ask most mothers, they are always willing to go through all of that again regardless. I know I would and again, if I can help it, no Epidural and no C-section.


Sweetiepie said...

Wow!you really remember every moment.I remembered my first delivered was the most painful.It amazed me the things that would come up and how much mothers sacrifice :)Hope your hubby is getting better now.

Mommy to Chumsy said...

boy, you are so strong, woman. no epi?? ashley came out after only 2 pushes? lucky gal :D

Mrs Mecomber said...

That has got to be the funniest labor story I have ever read! LOL!

They grow up very fast, believe me. It seems to take forever, but just you wait, lol. I have three teenagers and am 11 year old. Weren't they all shorter than me a month ago?

babyfiona said...

hmm.. can you explain why the "sewed" needed? -____-". I am married and planning to have was trying to get all the information that I needed to know..

Shireen Loh said...

sweetiepie : hehe..yeah, surprisingly I still of those things that is difficult to shake off..but maybe, ask me again in 2 years, I might just have forgotten about it..:-)

Barb : that was like after soooo many hours...didn't realise I still had the strength!! phew!

Rebecca : you are too funny!! LOL..yeah, weren't they (a little shorter a month ago?) :-D

babyfiona : err...maybe I will email you on this..:-)

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