Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bankers Club cousin will be having her wedding dinner at the Bankers Club end of this year. I've had lunch there but not dinner but let me tell you that based on my personal experience, the food is pretty ordinary. Nothing to shout about.

That's the thing isn't it? When you are looking for good food, they are almost always not found in nice posh sounding restaurants. You find them at a hawker stall in some back alley with lots of rodents and rubbish lying around instead. I am not joking. I have had some of my best meals in those. Maybe not in the back alley but definitely no air conditioning or nice napkins that you feel like not using them. Of course, for a wedding dinner, its something else. I'm just thinking (or worried) about the food. What a glutton I am!! I wonder what other Wedding Ideas she has. Photos will only be taken in May so I'd only get to see them after that. Guess I'd just have to wait, won't I? *taps fingers*

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