Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hubby is HOME

With all the whinging and complaining that the hubby hasn't been home, he has not spend quality time with us, he has been...this...been...that...I finally got my wish today. The hubby is home and has been since morning.

Before you go “Awww....see, how sweet he is”, forget it! The only reason why he is home is cos he is not feeling well. Splitting headache and stuffy nose. Plus, he has been working on his notebook since this morning. No we didn't do any shopping, going out...oh, ok, we did go out but only to get lunch. Little Ash refused to sleep cos her Daddy's home and its one of those rare occasion where there are more people at home than just me and her. She loves company but him being at home didn't really last for too long cos he just came back from the car workshop. Something wrong with the car radiator. Luckily we do not own a Japanese car, otherwise fixing a Toyota Radiator would cost us a bomb and I don't think even with pp, I'd be able to afford the repair charges..nyek!


Constance Chan said...

It's the same with mine. Hardly home because he's a workoholic. When he does comes home it's not too long before he gets worried about work too. Sometimes he'd say drop us at Ikea while he go do a spot check at work! sigh..

IMMomsDaughter said...

Wishing your hubby a speedy recovery. Opportunity to steal a little time with him I guess ;)

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