Thursday, January 3, 2008

They need a home and love

One of the advantages of having many many kids is that you will not be lonely when you are old. For instance, my grandma has 9 children. Even though my grandfather passed away a long time ago, she was never lonely. She was busy with taking care of her grandchildren, namely me and some of my cousins.

Now that she is fast over 90 and find it difficult to even walk to the bathroom. Thankfully, she lives with my uncles and aunt who have been taking good care of her while most of us visit her often. Since we are all neither expert caregivers or a registered nurse, an online community like offers one of the most comprehensive Caregiving Resources out there for us novice caregivers.

A site that is easy to navigate with plentiful Caregiving Information for your consumption. When you are faced with a sticky situation or when no one knows what to do, there is also a community forum to enable you to ask your question or seek help. Remember, caring for the elderly takes as much time, attention and patience, just like caring for a child would. With adequate resource and support, you will do just fine.

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