Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What a year..

Gosh, time sure flies when you are having or not having fun. We didn't do anything this new year's eve. Just had dinner with the family and came home early to avoid the traffic jam along the free-way. Watched some tv and was in bed before 12!!! Imagine, people were out partying and I was dozing off. Signs of old age..hehehe

We went out for a full-moon dinner last night. In case you're wondering what the heck is a 'full-moon'. Its a Chinese celebration of the birth of a child. Its when the child is being introduced to relatives and friends for the first time since his/her birth. The celebration comes a month after the child is born and its traditionally believed that the celebration is akin to the child's first birthday. That's why the Chinese is always a year older than the actual birthdate. So, last night we celebrated my cousin's child's full-moon and it was Ashley's first "birthday" outing. It was a short one for us cos Ashley was feeling tired and sleepy so we were the first ones to leave.

Other than that, it was quite a long weekend holiday for us cos the hubs was on leave for a couple of days. Ashley loved it that her father was home and so did I..I had someone to help with the babysitting duties..:-P..


Tammy said...

I'll be glad when school goes back in and things get back to normal around here. The holidays are always so hectic.

Kellan said...

So nice to have dad home to help out with the little ones. Happy New Year - see you soon. Kellan

Tot's Mom said...

Haha! Yes, when we have kids, suddenly we go out less, party none and stay at home more. Getting old, really! :)

Kopi Soh said...

happy new Year to you and your family, sometimes relaxing is good, i stayed home on new year's eve watching Planet of the Apes :D

Sasha said...

eh i was sleeping from 10 pm on the eve and the stupid firework in ikano woke me up. So we sama sama old la

Shireen Loh said...

Tammy : Yup, I can totally relate to that though I don't have any going to school. Feel for me, pls...:-)

Kellan : Yeah, sure does..

Tot's Mom : sigh, thats actually a sad fact :-(

Kopisoh : You now onli watched!! :-) nevermind la, i worst, havent watched :-(

Sasha : eh, u pun...:-)

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