Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Something fancy

I am not one to dig studs on shirts or underwear even if they were real diamonds. OK, maybe IF they really were real diamonds, I might just give them a chance. However, my sister has a pair of flip-flops with diamond studs all over the strap. I think they are crystals. Nevertheless, they look lovely especially when you wear them at night. If tastefully done, its actually quite nice instead of looking like a piece of replica or cheap pair of slippers.

If you like studs on your shirts, dress or even purse, you can get your Custom Crystal Attire at online. They have a wide collection of wonderful collection of flip-flops that you can give away to your bridesmaids. Just like Marcia Cross (actress on Desperate Housewives) did when she got married. She gave away Down Boy Flip Flops as gifts to her bridesmaid. These are loved by many celebrities even by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Britney Spears and the very pregnant Jessica Alba. Well, maybe they are really the latest trends to have and to be walking around town with. Also, to further compliment your celebrity-like flip-flops, get a a neat custom designed sleeveless shirt, with matching crystals and all together with a pair of short shorts. Hmm..that just gave me an idea. Let you all in on it when I am done *wink*

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