Saturday, March 5, 2011


The girls went to bed early because I made them miss their nap. I was contemplating whether to let them nap in the afternoon after lunch and shower or just distract them until dinner-time? I chose the latter because I have this habit of letting them nap too long in the afternoon ever since Ash started school and come night fall, they'd be eyes wide open. This is exceptionally torturing for the hubby dearest because (thankfully for me) they stick to him like...rum...bees to honey. So, I do actually get to have some ME time when he gets home every evening. If they are in bed, then the both of us will have our free time.

This evening, hubby was expected home later than usual. So, I did what any mom would under my circumstance - kick the girls up to bed early. I achieved that by not letting them nap. Now, usually, they'd be ok in that they can pretty much sleep well. I can only remember a few instances where Ash cried in the middle of the night due to over--tiredness but on most occasion, she's fine.

Anyway, today threatened to begin in the lousiest way possible. Today was playgroup day for lil Em (see..I am back to calling her Em..hehe), and today was the day I declared that I wanted to be early...for once. I was so so proud of myself for having accomplished that task and was ready to get out on time. I was gleaming. I was excited at the prospect of being first at the center. I even thought of getting nasi lemaks for the gang. they'd worship the ground I walk on..heheh..(total exaggeration!) but yes, they will be very happy.


As soon as I turn to grab my keys -- to my horror -- there were no keys!!! EKKKKK!! The car key was there but my set of the house-keys were gone! Bummer!! I searched high and low and even silently screaming profanities at my own absent mindedness.

Then it hit me..for some reason I called hubby to asked if he had taken both set of keys? At first he was like "huh?". I told him I couldn't find my set and asked him to search his car. He did and sure enough, he'd taken both. I knew then why I had the instinct to call him - before he left for work, he was taking his own sweet time until a prompt on his phone reminded him he had a 9am meeting with the bosses. He flew out the door after that (and with him, my keys went).

So thanks to my quick thinking, he came to the center to deliver my keys after his meeting. attended the playgroup late; wished I could've been there earlier. And, I didn't get the nasi lemaks the ladies would've loved. I promised myself that I'll just have to get it next week; even if not for them, but for myself..:-).


Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

That aint bad my dear. I once took the Estima keys with me to work. And I found out upon arriving at work. I had to to drive all the way back in peak hour traffic to deliver the keys else no car to take Bryan home from school. I got to work at 11:30am and in a really crap mood! YOu feeling better after hearing this?

Cynthia said...

Silly billy!..still it was mighty nice of hubby to bring the house keys to you. Mine would have just said TOO BAD and left me out there cold and dry! My kids (the two oldest) stopped napping in the afternoons as soon as I felt they could. If they napped, I would be going out of my mind at nights. I'd rather have me time at nights!

Shireen Loh said...

PL : aiyo, you really da (wo)man la...da (wo)man!! hehhehe..

Cyn : No lar, I doubt Ben is that kind of a person; I am sure he will bring the keys to you. Besides, he would want to come home to a smiling wifey, won't he? heheh..

Ann said...

Opppssssiiieee indeed! Happened to me once as well and hubby had to drive all the way back from his mid way jam to office. He didn't have a meeting and it wasn't all my

one of those things lo! :)

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