Friday, March 4, 2011

cyber thieves

I have heard of pick pockets. Personally, it happened to my aunt and my mom some years ago. These days, you have people e pickpocketing.

Say what?

Yup, you didn't hear wrong - e pickpocketing is a new technology allows thieves to secretly scan your pocket or purse with the aim of reading your credit card information.

Scary isn't it? You are not even safe even with just your credit card in your purse. It looks like you're not safe where ever you go and cannot be carrying anything with you when you go out. Annoying isn't here? What has the world come to? What I don't get is - if you're so smart, why invent something that causes harm to others? There are plenty of autistic children who needs help, there are plenty of animals verging on extinction no one cares about, there are diseases that we need to find cures for...plenty of humane action to be taken. Looks to me like no one's interested and all we seem to care about is snooping into other people's purses or pockets.

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