Friday, March 11, 2011

need new shoes

My RM10 "flip-flops" gave way yesterday. Thank goodness I'd reach home and wasn't still waiting for Ash. I knew it was gonna break sooner or later because..well, because, what do you expect from a RM10 pair of slippers. Evidently, it isn't built to last. I now only have my trusty ol' womens sandals - Mr Birkies with me. If that one goes, I will have none. Ekk!! Or I could go get a new pair of RM10 slippers. And this time, I better get like..maybe..5 pairs or something. I'll tell you why I love them because they are actually pretty comfy and for everyday use, it's convenient. Perhaps, I should be shopping for shoes then this school holidays, whaddaya think? :-).

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