Thursday, June 24, 2010

at Elise's

One Saturday, I can't remember when but one of the Saturdays we had our brunch in this quaint little cafe at Plaza Damas called Elise's cafe and coffee house. Yeah, I think that's what's it's called.


The place is small and cosy. I think, there were only about 10 tables including a couple you see outside the cafe. From the outside, I thought it looked kinda cute and decided to check it out.

We were the only people in there at 11am. Either we were late for breakfast or too early for lunch. But, nevertheless, we were greeted by ELise herself and of course, she took our orders.

Just like the number of furniture they had in there, the number of dishes were also correspondingly few but to me, it's enough. Many might say it's too little but I think the idea was/is to service a manageable number. YOu know, not to over-crowd and to over-do. They serve a mixture of local hawker flare and some western as well. So, we ordered a little of both..just for taste.

My verdict (on the food and the ambience) : it's nice. My kind of place to hang-out even though, at the time, it was practically empty. Plus, they were missing some convex mirrors though I'm not sure how much of a difference it would've made cos if they did, it'd be right there. But, I can imagine it being absolutely lovely early in the morning for breakfast or sipping your afternoon tea with scones. Yes, she has them..**drool**..Definitely a place I'll go back to.

Some more pics from my mobile to follow. I simply gotta share. It's just too cute :-)






Ann said...

Wah....very quaint. Very English too.

mommy to chumsy said...

oh it's a lovely place indeed. i was at plaza damas yesterday and how come i didn't see it :( must check it out next time.

Jen Cheung said...

veryy nice :)

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