Saturday, May 1, 2010

World Expo 2010 in Shanghai

Did you watch the opening ceremony of the World Expo yesterday? Cool huh?

I remembered the last time I was in Vancouver, I went to the Expo 86. For a 12 year old, it wasn't all that awesome. It was boring...very boring. When you're 12, all you're worried about are pimples, boys, braces and when you can get rid of it, boobs, glasses, sat prep courses...oh and what else? boys mostly. Sure glad my dad isn't reading this because he might just freak out..hahahah...:-P

Now that I am older, I can appreciate going for such exposition. It's gonna last 6 months apparently. I would love to re-live and visit one today but since I didn't get a plane ticket to China, I'll have to wait for another 4 years (I think?!).

ANyway, I am dead beat. I just got home from MILs. I have something else I wanna share with you but I'll leave that for tomorrow. Have a good night!

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